Viewpoint offers a range of products which are available to advisers and their clients. All product wrappers support adviser charging, can accept single and regular premium investments and have a range of benefits to support clients' investment needs. The product wrappers can hold a range of funds, equities, ETFs, investment trusts and bonds. Investments can be held within model portfolios managed by a discretionary fund manager (DFM).


A stocks and shares ISA allowing clients to invest up to £20,000 per annum tax efficiently (2019/20 tax year). Investors benefit from capital growth and dividends being free from tax.

Junior ISA (JISA)

A stocks and shares ISA which can be opened by a parent or guardian for a child under the age of 18. Up to £4,368 can be invested into the JISA on an annual basis (2019/20 tax year).

General Investment Account (GIA)

A standard investment account with no contribution limit offering a wide choice of investments.

SSAS / SIPP General Investment Account

A standard investment account which can be held within a third party SSAS (small self-administered scheme) or SIPP (self-invested personal pension).


'Coming soon' the Viewpoint SIPP offers a tax efficient way for investors to save for their retirement.

Offshore Bond

An investment set up in a jurisdiction with a favourable tax regime, the Offshore Bond is offered by RL360°


Viewpoint operates a clear and transparent charging structure. A flat platform charge of 30 bps per year for all holdings and cash, capped at an annual maximum of £800. The platform charge is collected monthly.

  • There are no dealing or settlement charges for UK domestic funds and there is a minimal settlement fee for ETFs, investment trusts, equities and bonds.
  • There is no additional wrapper charge for the Viewpoint SIPP (coming soon).

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