Discretionary Fund Managers

The Viewpoint offering allows advisory firms and Discretionary Fund Managers to establish and manage a range of model portfolios. Once the portfolio has been established the asset allocation can be changed at any time in bulk for all client investments or for individual clients.

Viewpoint recognises advisers may wish to work with specialist Discretionary Fund Managers. We have a relationship with a growing selection of DFMs.

Independently owned and not influenced by a fund manager, bank or insurance company. Brewin Dolphin has over 130,000 clients and more than £25bn of assets under management including more than £8bn in collectives. This substantial client base has allowed Brewin Dolphin to invest and build its award winning research department.

What is the Managed Funds Service?

The Managed Funds Service (MFS) is designed to provide Discretionary Fund Management to clients for whom a bespoke service may not be required or deemed cost effective. It is administered via Viewpoint Portfolio and is structured to preserve the client-adviser relationship. The service provides clients with access to a range of five risk rated portfolios created and managed by Brewin Dolphin's award-winning research team.

How does MFS work?

Advisers can select from a range of five model portfolios, with their choice of model portfolio reflecting the amount of risk the client is prepared to accept. Assets within MFS are managed to reflect Brewin Dolphin's current asset allocation and fund selection views on a continual basis. On a monthly basis our asset allocation team will review the asset allocation of each portfolio. Alongside this, the individual components of portfolios will be monitored by our research team to ensure that their inclusion is merited going forward. This ongoing monitoring helps ensure that portfolios remain within their original risk parameters, and identifies opportunities to make changes to portfolios in a timely manner.

Portfolios Available

The following portfolios are currently available:

  • Cautious
  • Income
  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • Global Equity

The most up to date performance data is available by contacting your local Business Development Manager.

Key Facts at a glance

  • Portfolios consist of a combination of Unit Trusts, OEICs and ETFs
  • Investment in institutional units or retail units with trail commission rebated into portfolios
  • Competitive TERs on underlying holdings
  • Monthly rebalancing and no dealing charges
  • Monthly factsheets produced including latest commentary

In addition, Brewin Dolphin have 41 offices across the UK and Channel Islands and a dedicated team of 16 Business Development Managers that are available to work with advisers. Your local Business Development Manager will keep you up to date with the service.

If you would like further information, please email MFS@brewin.co.uk or call 0203 201 3363 and your local Business Development Manager will be in touch to discuss the service further.

Independently owned and not influenced by a fund manager, bank or insurance company. EPIM is proud to be part of the Clifton Asset Management group of companies which has achieved the Gold standard for Investor in Customers. The ethos of achieving Total Customer Satisfaction extends throughout the company. This applies to the services provided directly to advisers but also in the way services are designed to ensure they are right for investors.

What is your corporate background?

EQ Investors (EQ) is an award-winning boutique wealth manager, led by John Spiers, the founder of Bestinvest. We provide investment management to individuals, small companies and charities around the UK.

EQ is an experienced provider of discretionary fund management (DFM) model portfolios. We offer access to diversified investment portfolios that cater for investors with different preferences and risk appetites.

Why should I consider using your Discretionary Fund Management service?

Achieving good investment returns requires an excellent team. Our experienced portfolio managers have a proven track record of managing multi-asset portfolios and are supported by a highly skilled team of investment research analysts.

Our DFM service allows advisers to effectively outsource the day-to-day management of clients’ portfolios, freeing up time to focus on what they do best: maintaining client relationships and dealing with non-investment issues such as effective tax planning.

What is your approach to discretionary fund management?

All of our portfolios are based around collective investments because we are convinced that is the best way to maximise performance. Our allocations to assets are driven by our analysis of fundamental value and our fund selection techniques incorporate sophisticated analysis of track records coupled with intensive interviews of each manager.

What investment solutions can you offer through the platform?

The best companies have always been the ones that innovate, find new ways to serve real needs and solve real problems, and we wanted to capture these impact investment opportunities. Whilst there were plenty of ethical funds, we identified a growing demand from retail investors for a discretionary managed model portfolio approach.

In response, EQ designed a unique investment strategy called positive impact, where ethical investing is reinvented to the challenges of the 21st century. This led to the launch of EQ’s Positive Impact Portfolios (PIPs) in 2012 and they have been a terrific success, both in terms of performance and popularity.

The main purpose of these portfolios is to go much further than screening out controversial companies and invest in companies than are bringing new solutions or services to tackle social and environmental issues globally. The portfolios are for investors that:

  • Are seeking strong financial returns over the long term.
  • Prefer to invest in industries and businesses that aim to deliver social and environmental benefits through their activities.
  • Are concerned about the damage that certain industries and types of business can cause to society and the physical environment.

We believe that this unique proposition is of interest to a growing number of investors. They can be used as a stand-alone investment solution for those who view social and environmental considerations as paramount to their investment objectives, or as separate specialist portfolios.

There are seven levels of risk graded model portfolios available, with the maximum equity exposure ranging from 45% for a cautious risk profile to 100% for a high risk profile.

What are your fees?

  • Annual Management Charge: 0.35% (+VAT)
  • Weighted fund charge: 0.70% as at 31 August 2019 for a balanced risk profile

Who should I contact to discuss the service further?

If you have any questions, please contact:
Daniel Bland, Portfolio Manager
020 7488 7185

Seven Investment Management


7IM offers a low cost, actively allocated, passively implemented Model Portfolio Service available through the Viewpoint Portfolio platform.

Tilney Asset Management


Tilney is a leading UK investment firm that builds on a heritage of more than 180 years.

LGT Vestra


LGT Vestra has teamed up with Viewpoint Portfolio to provide advisers with discretionary investment management solutions through the Viewpoint Portfolio platform.

Waverton Investment Management


The Waverton Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is exclusively available to clients of financial advisers with a full range of portfolios available through the Viewpoint Portfolio platform.

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