Getting Started

Viewpoint : Building your portfolio to view your Financial Life

Viewpoint allows you to bring together all aspects of your financial life in one place. Some will have more complex circumstances than others, but with Viewpoint’s easy-to-use interface even the most complicated financial circumstances can be accommodated.

You will immediately see that many of your assets handled by the Clifton Group will automatically be visible, right from the first time you log on. However, assets that you hold away from Clifton such as insurance policies, residential properties, bank accounts and any other assets or liabilities you may have can be easily input to build the 360 financial view for you.

Your can customise your dashboard to see what matters most to you as soon as you’ve logged on.

The Dashboard

The Home page gives you a dashboard-style summary of your assets and liabilities, from your Pension Portfolio to your Account Balances and the Net Worth. The dashboard is interactive and you can customise the screen by selecting which of the dashboard pods are displayed.

You can customise your dashboard by adding or removing the dashboard ‘pods’. To remove a pod select the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner of a pod. The pod can be replaced by simply clicking the ‘Add’ button and drag and drop the selected pod into the screen.

Clicking or tapping on the arrow in the bottom right of each pod will navigate to the relevant page within Viewpoint.

Pension Portfolio displays an up-to-date valuation of your pensions, including your Morgan Lloyd SSAS or SIPP.

Personal Overview and Personal Portfolio provides an overview of your personal assets including your SIPP and personal pensions. Your SSAS assets will not be included here. A SSAS could be a multi member scheme therefore the total SSAS value might not form part of your personal wealth.

Account Balances displays an up-to-date balance of all of your accounts.

Net Worth lets you see what you own vs what you owe.

Residential Property shows the value of your residential property and the value can be tracked against the Halifax or Nationwide indices. You can add buy to let properties too.

Spending displays a breakdown of your current month’s spending patterns. Hover over the pie chart to display more details.

Disposable Income displays your disposable income over a given period. Your disposable income is your income less your expenses.

Let’s have a quick look at the main asset types that you will find on Viewpoint

Assets covered by the Viewpoint Premier Service and Viewpoint Select Service.

Good news! You don’t have to do anything to view assets that you hold. These are available to view as part of the Viewpoint Premier Service or Viewpoint Select Service.

Your SSAS or SIPP administered by Morgan Lloyd will automatically be visible in Viewpoint, along with detail such as any loans or leases, your scheme bank accounts and much more.

Individual investments you hold on the Viewpoint Investment Platform (powered by Novia Financial Plc), whether ISAs, Shares, Unit Trusts and more will also be visible to you as part of your Personal Portfolio and Net Worth with no input needed from you.

Assets not covered by the Viewpoint Premier Service or Viewpoint Select Service.

You may have assets that you hold outside of the Viewpoint Premier Service or Viewpoint Select Service. You can easily add these to Viewpoint to make sure that you have a complete picture of your financial wealth*.

Adding an Asset or a Liability to Viewpoint

To add a new Investment Plan or Pension, select the Investments tab and click on Personal Portfolio or the Net Worth tab. Then click on the ‘Add’ button and choose the type of holding you wish to add.

  • Choose if you want to add an asset or a liability
  • For a liability you can choose the type of liability you want to add. Viewpoint will then guide you through the process of adding your new liability item.
  • For an asset you can choose a physical asset, e.g. property, or a financial asset, such as shares or equities. Once you have choose the asset type Viewpoint will guide you through the quick or detailed set up depending on how much information you want to see displayed.

Bank Accounts

Adding your Bank Account to Viewpoint

  1. Within the Statements page of the Money tab click on the ‘Add’ button
  2. Enter the name of your bank or credit card supplier in the Search box and click on the ‘Search’ button
  3. Viewpoint will return the banks or credit card suppliers matching the name you have entered
  4. Simply select the relevant entry from the list and click the ‘Next’ button. You will then be asked to input your online banking credentials
  5. Your account will be added and you will be able to monitor all transactions and up to date balance

Editing or Deleting an item that is already showing on Viewpoint

If you have added an asset or liability that you want to edit or remove, you can select the item to be changed. Go to the Details tab and then click on the Edit button. This will allow you to update the information before clicking on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save your changes.

To delete the item click on the X button, next to the holding.

You will not be able to delete or edit any of the assets managed by Clifton that are automatically available on Viewpoint.

*Subject to the required information being available to Sammedia.