About Us

Viewpoint-portfolio is Clifton Asset Management’s platform and we are proud to have been looking after our clients’ investment needs for over 20 years

A platform is simply a safe and easy place to keep an eye on all your investments in one place, instead of leafing through lots of paperwork , usernames and passwords from all your different product providers

It can provide daily updates on your entire Wealth any time of the day or night with just one login and password

At Clifton we built our platform specifically to manage relationships with our clients – whether you are a customer of Clifton Wealth, Clifton Consulting or Morgan Lloyd

However you can also view assets from other providers on Viewpoint so you have everything in one place (viewing assets from other providers on Viewpoint does not affect your relationship or contracts with them)

Viewpoint is a ‘view only website’ so your assets are totally secure. We have chosen Novia Financial Plc and Sammedia Ltd to provide the latest technology to support both you and your consultant

Viewpoint will also allow your consultant to demonstrate the performance on investments with Clifton and take the necessary actions with leading planning tools to give you the advice to suit your needs